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Pricing & Packages

Pricing starts around 895.00 + travel expenses for our small group 3ft tide pool
and starts around 1,895.00 + travel expenses for the deluxe large 7ft tide pool. 

Contact us for travel expense calculation and discount pricing. 

These packages are customized for your event. For school and library visits we include a Tide Pool Talk and Presentation with our sea life expert. The Tide Pool talk can be customized for up a 30 minute presentation and includes topics such as: Intertidal zones, Scuba Diving, and Tide Pool Life.

Contact us for custom quotes or multi-day discounted quotes.

Large Tide Pool Experience
7 foot / 90-Gallon Salt Water Tank

Starting at 1,895.00 + Travel Expenses for 2 Hours

Our largest and best tide pool for large groups of more than 15 people. The large tide pool includes more than 20 sea creatures including the very popular larger animals: Sting Ray and Pet Shark.

  • Sting Ray

  • Shark

  • Green Brittle Sea Stars

  • Chocolate Chip Sea Stars

  • Hermit Crabs

  • Sea Snails

  • Pencil Urchins

  • Horseshoe Crabs

  • Blue Damselfish

  • Live Rocks

  • Fiji Sand

  • Assorted Shells and Fossils

Tide Pool Encounter 
3 Foot / 15-Gallon Salt Water Tank

 Starting at 895.00 + Travel Expenses for 1.5 Hours

The small group tide pool designed for groups of around 10 people. The tide pool includes more than 12 sea creatures in a smaller more intimate touch tank.

  • Tiger Conches

  • Sea Snails

  • Hermit crabs

  • Chocolate Chip Sea Stars

  • Green Brittle Sea Stars

  • Pencil Sea Urchins

  • Horse Shoe Crabs

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